• Morgan Lynch, Gold ADDY

  • Dominica Devaney, Silver ADDY

  • Catherine Leslie, Silver ADDY

  • Catherine Leslie, Silver ADDY

  • Cody Tibesar, Silver ADDY

  • Jennifer McCoy, Silver ADDY

  • Jennifer McCoy, Silver ADDY

  • Jennifer McCoy, Silver ADDY

  • Lisa Mattson, Silver ADDY

  • Lisa Mattson, Gold ADDY

  • Marcus Robinette, Gold ADDY

  • Nate Grady, Silver ADDY

  • Morgan Lynch, Silver ADDY

  • Morgan Lynch, Silver ADDY

  • Morgan Lynch, Gold ADDY

Graphic Design Application Process

We are a Fall-entry program spanning two years (six quarters). We hold interviews in the Spring to select the class for the following Fall quarter. Everyone admitted to Graphic Design must complete the interview process.

The SFCC Graphic Design program is currently open.
We will be accepting applications for admission to the Graphic Design Program until August, 31st, 2018.


If you have questions about the interviews email: graphicdesign@sfcc.spokane.edu

If you are waiting for Fall and will be taking some courses early, here is some advice on courses that will apply to our degree.

Why do we have an application process?

1. To make early contact with you and help determine if the Graphic Design Program is the right fit.

2. To inform you about our program.

3. To advise you early in your admissions process.

4. To advise you about other programs that may be of benefit, if it is determined the Graphic Design Program is not the right fit.

Basically, we're here to help you with your career and educational path...

Please read carefully the following description of the application process.

To be admitted to the program, applicants must complete and submit:

  1. College application.
  2. Once you submit your college application, contact us at graphicdesign@sfcc.spokane.edu to schedule an interview.

    In your email, request an interview... provide your name, student ID, and telephone number.

  3. Placement test requirements for the Graphic Design Program. 

    Graphic Designers continually research and read information to learn new skills. To ensure you are ready for this program, you will need to complete an english placement test.

    • To schedule an appointment visit the Testing Center or call: 509.533.3401

    • Email your English placement letter before your interview.

    • Applicants who have completed coursework at SFCC in English 101, or equivalent coursework at another accredited institution of higher education, may submit transcripts in lieu of placement test scores.

    • If a student has an alternative placement in the CCS system, and qualify for English 101, the appropriate paperwork will need to be submitted.

    Email paperwork to: graphicdesign@sfcc.spokane.edu

  4. Essay
  5. In a one-page typed essay, answer the following...

    • Why do you want to get into the field of Graphic Design?
    • The program is set up as if you are a Graphic Designer working for an agency. It is project driven and you are required to meet deadlines. What are your thoughts about this?
    • What are your future goals?

    Send a .pdf or .docx file via email as an attachment "prior to the interview". 

  6. Three to five examples of work you have produced.
  7. To help us determine if the program is the right fit for you, we would like to see some creative or artistic work you have produced.

    We understand that you may be coming from a different career track and may not have design work to show, however do not let this discourage you. Your life experience counts and is factored in.

    Some types of work we would like to see are: invites, web pages, posters, photography, paintings, drawings, craft projects, video, or music. View some examples.

    Bring 3 - 5 examples of work you have produced to the interview for review.

  8. Interview... This takes approximately 15 minutes.
  9. All potential students will be asked a specific set of questions to help determine if the program is the right fit for you.


    NOTE: We will not consider incomplete applications.

    It is essential you maintain an ACTIVE EMAIL ACCOUNT that we are able to communicate with you.

    If you would like to receive occasional reminders or updates via text message, provide your telephone number and service provider (AT&T, Spring, Verizon etc.). Please note, text messaging does not replace the need for an active email account at all times.

    You will be notified by email of your interview date and time. If for any reason you do not receive interview information within a week of contacting us, please follow up by telephone 509.533.3710, as it is important to us you are not overlooked. Your interview will be 15 minutes in length. Plan to arrive 10 minutes early.

    In review, here are the steps in order...

    1. Complete your college application
    2. Take your placement tests
    3. Schedule your interview
    4. Send your essay to: graphicdesign@sfcc.spokane.edu
    5. Organize and bring samples of work for faculty to review at the time of interview.

    Checklist for the day of the interview:

    __ Placement letter or transcripts for reading assessment

    __ One Page Essay

    __ 3 – 5 pieces of work to show faculty

    Thank you for your interest in Graphic & Web Design programs at SFCC.
    We look forward to meeting you :-)

    To set up an interview email: graphicdesign@sfcc.spokane.edu

    Telephone: 509.533.3710

    For program information, contact faculty member: 
    Greg Stiles greg.stiles@sfcc.spokane.edu


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