First Day of Class
Introductions and orientation. What is design?

Course goals

The Shawn Davis talk was great! Listen to it here, or in the Pickup folder.

A look at the restaurant branding project.

Reading: read this Inlander article. We will discuss it.

Course introduction.
Skeleton: box exercise

Begin InDesign Type exercises

Homework: due Tues, BOC
Select editorial of choice. Find, make copies of 3 layout designs from periodicals in library. Layout type appearance should compliment subject of selected editorial.
Step 1: Research sign-off
Selected editorial and 3 copied layout designs due BOC

Class critique of layout selections
Discussion on Canvas-we will discuss.
New Canvas discussion for next Wednesday, our Multi-functional brains.
 Tech II
InDesign Typography
demo: paragraph and character styles
Step 2: Mood Boards sign-off
Holiday: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
No classes
Step 3: Design sign-off
Discussion on Brains due at 8:30
Skeleton Boilerplate
demo: organizing
demo: adding content
Step 4: Roughs sign-off
Canvas discussion on Critical Thinking due at 8:30

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Step 6: Final design sign-off-MOVING to Wed.
Step 5 Web tech sign-off-MOVING to Thurs.
Step 6: Final design sign-off
Step 5 Web tech sign-off
Step 7 Web rev. sign-off
Step 8 Web final sign-off
Turn in your color palettes
The Canvas discussion: put them into the AVA Classes>Dropoff>Canvas_Exercises>Color_Themes-Canvas_Exercise folder.
Holiday: Presidents' Day
No classes
Advertisement Step 1: Research sign-off
Step 7 Branding Print rev. sign-off
Step 2: Advertisement Mood boards sign-off
Work Day
Discuss the Lawton Printing poster.
Step 1, 2, and 3: Advertisement design concept sign-off
Since time is short for the Lawton project, we will combine the concept creation steps. Present your concepts as pencil roughs, or better quality.

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Work on roughs
Step 4: Ad Roughs sign-off  
Accompany your rough with a short statement  
Imagine you are explaining the poster to a young child. Write out the story of your poster. Explain what the images and words are telling a couple sentences.
Step 5: Ad Technology sign-off
Step 6: Ad final design sign-off  
Step 7: Ad Revisions sign-off 
How to manage the color for the Lawton submission
For a review of the process, see this video.
Study Day
(Dead Day)
Lawton Poster: due at Lawton's FTP site by noon.
Final Exams
Step 8: Ad Final files sign-off
Final Exams
Final Exams
Faculty Work Day
Faculty Work Day

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