Tech III
  • Welcome Back
  • Starting the quarter
  • Review the thrilling end of Winter quarter.
  • Resources in Pickup
  • Knockouts and Overprints - How computers handle layered objects
  • The Appearance panel
  • Illustrator can stack up the effects-we'll knock them apart
 Process III
  • Resume research and content due.

  • Place research on server for review, and hand in b/w printed "content" for resume.

  • Hand out Specialty Promotions Project
Tech III
  • Review Specialty Promotions project technology.
  • In-class demo on assembling and trimming mockups.
  • Develop a strategy and format. Build paragraph styles.
  • More with vector graphics-clean up and trapping. See the tutorial "fish videos": part 1 and part 2.
  • We will look and the Pantone system and do a trapping exercise in-class.
  • Here is an example of registration, rich blacks, and overprint/knockouts.
  • Here is an tutorial on trapping.
 Process III 

Step 1: Research Due for Specialty Promotions Project

 Process III 

Step 2: Thumbnails Ver. 1.0 Due for Specialty Promotions Project

Tech III
  • Palettes, PMS spot colors and the Color Guide
  • Finish up with a triple outline word.
  • Simple shirt art trapping exercise, the fish drawing.
 Process III 

Step 3:
Mood Boards Due for Specialty Promotions Project : See directions on project page.
Tech III
  • Check digital strategy for resume - Work Day
  • Finish up loose ends on the expanding, dividing, uniting,trapping, etc.
 Process III 
  • Due at the end of class...

    Resume Roughs Due (QTY: 3 )

    -Place 3 Color PDFs on server


    - hand in printed version (Black / White) for markup.

 Process III 

Work in lab on rough designs for Specialty Promotions Project


Typographic Resume.

Tech III
  • Review file packaging.
  • Review PDF options.
  • In-class exercise selecting colors from mood images; making PMS palettes.
 Process III 

Step 4: Roughs Due for Specialty Promotions Project (Qty: 3)

Design(s) should be placed on a vertical 11"x17"

Tech III
  • Step 5 sign offs
  • Specialty Advertising digital strategy.
  • T-shirt prep exercise (the fish) due in Dropoff.
  • Introducing the web graphics series of exercises.
  • Discussion of copyright and web images.
 Process III 

Final Resume due at the start of class...

This resume should illustrate the following:

• Typographic excellence

• Typographic formatting

• Creative usage of type

• Attention to detail

• Visual heirarchy

• Underlying grid structure

• Creative usage of paper

• Show potential as an entry-level graphic designer

 Process III 

Step 6 Final Design for Specialty Promotions Project.

Self Assess for project.

Tech III
  • Work in class.
  • Review template and styles for the magazine cover.
  • Practice using photo gear.
 Process III 

Step 7 Final Design Revisions for Specialty Promotions Project.

Hand in vertical 11"x17" color print out for display.

Overview of Publication Terminology and Elements

Tech III
  • Intro to GIF animation; PNG and JPEG options.
 Process III 
  • Hand out Editorial Design (Mobile) Project

    Homework: Questionaire

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Process III
  • Step 1: Editorial (Mobile/Desktop) Research Due on the Server

    • Navigation Systems

    • Website Designs (Competition)

    • Mobile layouts & typography

    • Potential Color Palletes

    • Namplate Designs

Homework: Layouts for responsive design

Sketch Sheet 1
Sketch Sheet 2

Tech III
  • Instructions: The magazine elements exercise.
  • Catch up on Step 8 signoffs.
 Process III
  • Greg will be in Seattle with the Graphic Design Club.

    No Class.
Sun 5/8
  Process III 
  • Step 2: Editorial (Mobile) Thumbnails / Wireframes for Landing Page and Feature Article Page

    - Nameplate Sketches (Minimum of 5)

    -Responsive Web Design Sketches (Minimum of 5)

    -Wireframes for Desktop Application (Computer Generated / Minimum of 5)

  • Homework:
    Work on Computer Generated Nameplates and Mood Boards

Tech III

  • Work on web strategies: wireframes to code.
  • Checking off the specialty files. See this checklist.
  • Shoot cover shots for mag cover exercise.
  Process III 
  • Step 3: Editorial (Mobile/Desktop) Mood Boards (Qty: 3) Due on Server

    (Note: You have a choice of using the InDesign Template provided above or you can use Go Moodboard. )

Note: Using your previous research...
Just make sure to include the following on your moodboards:

- Color Choices

- Nameplate Examples

- Typography Examples of: Headlines, Deck, Bylines, Subheads, Running Head, Body text, Pull quotes,
Photographic Captions, Jumpline(s), etc.

- Navigation Examples: Mobile and Desktop

- Footer Examples

- Various Computer Generated Nameplate Designs for your publication (Minimum of Three)


Tech III
  • Work Day
  • In-class demonstration of an advanced trapping technique with Illustrator; as seen in this video.
  Process III 
  Process III 
  • Step 4: Editorial (Mobile) Roughs Due:

    -Landing Page

    -Feature Article Page

    - Mobile (Landing Page)

Tech III
  • Communicator Cover Design: Tech Files due

  • Step 5: Digital Strategy (Mobile) Signoff

  Process III 
  • Step 1: Editorial (Print Version) Research Due
Tech III
  • Work Day
  • Do you need help with the web graphics examples, mag cover, etc.?
  Process III 
  • Step 2: Editorial (Print Version) Thumbnails Due

    Step 3: Editorial (Print Version) Moodboards Due
  •   Process III 

    Step 4: Editorial (Print Version) Roughs Due

    Tech III
    • Step 5: Editorial (Print Version) Technology Strategy Due
      Process III 
    • Step 6: Final Online Editorial Design Due ...

      Note: Not coded. Mocked up using Photoshop or Illustrator.

      Process III 

    • Step 7: Editorial (Mobile) Final Revisons Due.

      Note: Not coded. Mocked up using Photoshop or Illustrator.

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    Process III  

    Memorial Day
    No classes.

    Tech III

    • Work Day
  • Work Day
  • Tech III
    • WORK ON: Editorial (Mobile) Final Digital Files (HTML & CSS)
     Process III
      Agency Tours
     Process III
  • Step 6: Editorial (Print Version) Final Design Due

    Color PDF on Server and Print out 11"x17" black and white (sized to fit) for mark up. (Cover and Two Page Spread)
  • Tech III
    • Review our coded pages
      in class, from the AVA/Classes server.

    • Step 8: Online Publication : Project files are due on or before the last day of Finals week. Friday, June 17th.

     Process III
    • Step 7: Editorial (Print Version) Final Revisons.

      Color PDF on Server and Print out 11"x17" black and white (sized to fit) for mark up. (Cover and Two Page Spread)

      Meet in Lab

    Tech III
    • Last Tech Day
    • Final Files-info, help, etc.

    • SHOW & TELL @ 9:30am RM202:
      Second Year Students will have Online Portfolios, Tablet and Portfolios available for review.
     Process III



    Show up any time between 5 - 8pm
    There will be an attendance sheet.

    304 W Pacific Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

    Make sure you sign in...

     Process III
    • Step 8: Editorial (Print Version) Final Revisons and Online Publication Final Revisions ...
      Due on the Server.

      Due on job template provided. Print out a color 11"x17" print. Hand into your instructor.


    SELF ASSESS on all projects... Hand booklet into your instructor.


    Study day, no classes

    Faculty will be interviewing students for the class of 2018.
    E-mail faculty to arrange a meeting if you need help.

    Doug will be available in the mornings all week, and portions of the afternoons.

     Process III


    Faculty will be interviewing students for the class of 2018. E-mail faculty to arrange a meeting if you need help.



    Faculty will be interviewing students for the class of 2018. E-mail faculty to arrange a meeting if you need help.

     Process III














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