GRDSN 101 Process I Outline

In this course, students are required to demonstrate the following competencies at an introductory level of proficiency:


  1. Communicate a mood, spirit and/or theme of a person, product or business by:
    1. choosing a typeface that expresses your personality
    2. using color to set a mood
    3. format type to create a mood
  2. Submit thumbnails for each project that meet Art Director's criteria. They are...
    1. fast and un-detailed
    2. drawn in proportion to the dimensions of the finished piece
    3. entirely separate or different creative concepts
    4. using emphasis, balance, unity
    5. conveying composition, sizing and position
    6. showing that you can have more than one good idea for a problem
    7. showing the relationship between graphic elements
    8. showing general shapes of graphic elements
    9. display readable headline type
  3. Develop creative design solutions that demonstrate effective use of the elements and principles of design by…
    1. showing emphasis, balance, unity, and rhythm
    2. Incorporating choices of color, line, value, texture and shape
  4. Submit roughs for each that meet Art Director's criteria. They are...
    1. working off of one of the previous thumbnail sketches
    2. drawn in proportion or actual size
    3. conveying headline type choice, size, case letter spacing and color
    4. conveying text type size, leading and alignment
    5. indicating usage of coloring all elements
    6. conveying photographic or illustrative content
    7. entirely different creative concepts    
    8. hand drawn using pencil, felt tip or colored pencil
  5. Use the Gestalt principles by incorporating the use of similarity, proximity, continuation, closure, figure/ground into a logo design
    1. Create a logo design that expresses the personality or spirit of the client through...
    2. the creative concept, imagery, materials used, and typography
    3. the use of a visual analogy
  6. Research and collect well-designed industry examples for each project to clarify conclusions in design thinking by choosing examples that clearly show the graphic design principles in action
    1. incorporate a visual analogy
    2. use the Gestalt principles (continuation, proximity, similarity and figure/ground)
    3. choosing corporate identity solutions that clearly show the graphic design principles in action
    4. choosing appropriate colors that create a mood or a feeling about the corporation
  7. Be productive and use studio (class) time effectively by...
    1. attending all process class sessions
    2. showing up with research materials
    3. participating in concept development
    4. using class time as an opportunity to get the job done
  8. Meet all deadlines by...
    1. managing your time effectively
    2. turning in all exercises or assignments complete and on time
  9. XII.  Re-purpose Projects for multiple media, formats and platforms

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