GRDSN 102 Technology I Outline

In this course, students are required to demonstrate the following competencies at an introductory level of proficiency:

  1. Capture an image on a digital camera that is...
    1. in focus
    2. shot in the appropriate resolution
    3. recognizable to the viewer
  2. Use appropriate tools, palettes, and menu commands to...
    1. create basic shapes, strokes and fills
    2. format text size and color
    3. import images
  3. Crop a photographic image and save in the appropriate resolution by...
    1. cropping the image to match the rough layout
    2. scaling the image to layout size and re-sample to 150 ppi
  4. Save photographic image in the appropriate file format by...
    1. saving the file for use for in print production
    2. saving the file for use in web production
  5. Find resources to solve technical problems by...
    1. using the software help menus
    2. using textbooks
    3. researching online resources
    4. communicating with colleagues
  6. Maintain a positive attitude when computer problems arise by...
    1. looking at problems as an opportunity to learn something new
    2. not having sarcastic remarks
    3. maintaining an awareness of appropriate / positive body language
    4. eliminating self-defeating thoughts and language
  7. Meet all deadlines by...
    1. managing your time effectively
    2. turning in all exercises or assignments complete and on time
  8. Follow oral and written instructions by attending all meetings and reading handouts provided
  9. Render the logo design as a high-quality vector graphic.
    1. Anchor points are precisely positioned to create an accurate Bezier curve shape.
    2. A minimum number of anchor points are used.
    3. Anchor point handles are positioned to create smooth, accurate curves.
    4. Multiple Stacked objects are combined to create a single composite object.
  10. Pay attention to detail on the stationery design by...
    1. kerning text
    2. setting leading
    3. checking word spacing
    4. making sure client information is put in the appropriate areas
    5. spell checking
  11. Use layers effectively in order to isolate specific parts of the design
  12. Scan, place and trace original line art imagery developed from drawings / rough sketches by...
    1. scanning rough sketches using the flatbed scanner
    2. placing line art scan into digital drawing program and creating a template layer
    3. creating new layer to trace over line art

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