GRDSN 122 Technology V Outline

GRDSN 122 Course Outline

In this course, students are required to demonstrate the following competencies at an intermediate level of proficiency:

I. Set page margins, column guides, and create master pages for re-occurring graphic elements in the newsletter design.

II. Set the printing controls to create separations to check for proper color and element placements by...

A. familiarizing yourself with the application's print dialog boxes and the controls for printing each color separately.

B. printing a separate page to the laser printer for each color of ink. You may need to scale the printing to fit the paper size.

C. examining the separations carefully to ensure that every element in the layout is printing in the proper color and in the proper place.

III. Use style sheets for leading, alignment and paragraph spacing in order to make global text changes throughout the document.

IV. Save files for a service provider by packaging all fonts, graphics and page layout files necessary for the project to print correctly.

V. Scan line art / photographic imagery in correct resolution for 133 lpi halftone screen.

VI. Unify the value range of all photographs

VII. Develop cross platform authoring in the web site to avoid browser incompatibility by...

A. selecting common web colors

B. using html code that works in various browsers

C. making your web page fit within the live area of both Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers using a monitor size of 1024 x 768

VIII. Design images to take advantage of Run Length Encoding / Compression by...

A. creating artwork that has horizontal changes in color. This will create a more compressed image (small file size).

B. creating artwork that has large areas of flat color

C. creating non-complicated line art and non-dithered images

IX. Create small file sizes so web pages load quickly for the online newsletter by...

A. reducing the number of colors when possible (using the web, adaptive or exact palettes when saving gif files)

B. using compression / quality controls to improve file size reduction when saving jpeg files

C. cropping images tightly

X. Use CSS div tags and properties:

A. Create a layout with div elements

B. Edit CSS rules to adjust the layout

C. Use the float property to control nested divs

D. Use margins and padding to affect element placement

E. Define HTML tag selectors and descendent tag selectors

F. Create pseudo-class selectors

G. Add and modify selectors to meet specific design requirements

XI. Create web pages that load efficiently

XII. Craft bezier curves by...

A. creating smooth curves using a minimum number of anchor points

B. using bezier curve handles

C. saving illustration files as an encapsulated postcript file (.eps)

XIII. Develop raster images by...

A. converting halftones to large dots appropriate to silk screen printing

B. using spot colors

C. exporting illustration files in raster formats


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