Mid-term project :
PreFlight 2017

You are a Graphic Designer working for a non-profit organization. The president of the organization has asked for you to create a design identity for the event: PreFlight (A student portfolio review). This design will be used for posters, email, website graphics, and social media.

Examples for previous events: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Examples of components (make sure to view PDF actual size): 1 | 2

1. Read over the following email information provided by
the American Advertising Federation President :

To: Spokane Area Design Students

PreFlight, AAF Spokane's annual student portfolio review, is quickly approaching and we need you to help us spread the word!

We're looking for the best & most creative design for our PreFlight email communications, posters, website and Facebook page.  Just submit your stellar design following the instructions below and the AAF Spokane Board of advertising professionals will vote for their favorite.

What the winner gets:

  • Exposure! 
    Winning design will be used in all communications regarding PreFlight 2017.
  • Free Admission to PreFlight!
    Your chance to pick the brains of the best creative in the area, at no charge.

What we need from you:

Your best creative!
The creative direction is completely up to you. There is no theme you must follow. However, you must incorporate "PreFlight 2017" and "April 22nd" into your designs, and use the AAF Spokane logo in the poster.

  • Submit 1 PDF (low resolution / smallest file size) 
    containing all five images built at the specs below:

Poster design : 11"x17"
Facebook event cover photo : 1200 x 628
Constant Contact event page : 915 x 305
Email header (also used on website) : 732 x 407
Instagram : 600 x 600
Entry Website Banner : 675x100

Name your PDF based on the following format:
PF17_ first initial last name.pdf   example for Jane Doe: PF17_jdoe.pdf

Email your PDF by Friday, March 17th to jennifer@spokaneadfed.com with the subject: 
PreFlight 2017 Contest Submission 

Winner will be notified March 25th.  

Thank you for helping us promote PreFlight 2017! 


Tyler Tullis

AAF Spokane President

2. Incorporate the following essential copy:

What: PreFlight 2017 : Student Portfolio Review
Where: Spokane Falls Community College
When: April 22nd
How: www.aafspokane.com
Logo: AAF Horizontal Logo | AAF Stacked Logo

3. After the critique, make the necessary changes. Revisions are due the beginning of the next class.

4. When the design is complete... Apply to all five images outlined above on the server space provided for review in class.






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