Exercise #1 : Modular Grids

You are a Graphic or Web Designer working for a local publication. Your Art Director has asked that you research modular typographic layouts and create a layout for an upcoming project.

1. Visit the SFCC library and check out two of the following books…

  • Communication Arts : Typography Annual
  • The Type Directors Club : Type Annual
  • Communication Arts : Design Annual
  • Print's Regional Design Annual

2. Put a sticky note on three layouts that have a strong (mathematical) structure. Do not use the actual publications layout as an example... Choose "design examples" shown in the publication.

3. Using the files provided create a poster (11"x17" vertical) or web page (1024px x 768px) with a modular grid structure.

Examples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Note: Make sure to use ALL of the copy. You DON'T have to use all of the photos.

4. Save the final file as a PDF on the server for review in class.

5. Bring both the book(s) and the examples posted for review to the next class.



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