golden  ratio

Homework Exercise #2 :
Two page advertisement: Working with the golden section.

You are a Graphic Designer working for a local advertising firm. Your Art Director has asked you to create a two page advertisement (11"h x17"w) for a national corporation to be placed in a print magazine.

1. Download the files to a computer or thumb drive.

2. Research grid oriented designs using the "golden ratio, section or mean" for inspiration and quickly sketch three different layouts using the formula. (pg 176 Thinking with Type)

• Golden Ratio in Magazine Design

3. Create a new InDesign document, set the margins to zero (pg 178 Thinking with Type)

4. Using InDesign Preferences > Grids> set the horizontal and vertical gridlines and sub-divisions.

5. Un-check "grids in back".

6. Develop a document grid, that matches your sketch.

7. Place a minimum of 3 images and logo adhering to the structure. (Note: You can add a headline, URL, use different images or crop images)

8. Finally, save a PDF (along with a packaged InDesign document) on the server space provided for review in class.


Examples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4




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