Homework Exercise #9 :
Typographic Illustration

You are a Graphic Designer working for a advertising firm. The Art Director has asked that you develop a typographic illustration for a client using type only for an advertisement in a magazine.

1. Download the logo(s) to be used (choose only one).

2. Locate a grayscale photograph to use as a template for your illustration.

3. Place the photograph into a template layer with a document size of 8.5" (width) x 11" (height).

4. Using one word, a series of words, or a sentence... create "spatial depth" and "value" with type only.

5. Place the logo for the company on the advertisement.

6. Package native files with a PDF and place on the server space provided.

Student Examples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5






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