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Mid-Term Project #1 : Custom Lettering

Custom lettering can be seen in projects ranging from logos, art prints, websites, desktop backgrounds, specialty promotions, cards, magazine covers and/or tablets.

Custom Lettering includes calligraphy, sign painting, graffiti, stone carving, digital lettering, hand lettering, paper sculpture, and original type design.

Custom meaning, built from scratch; it is not —a type treatment or 3d treatment—of an existing typeface. It needs to be unique and/or modified type.

Using a quote of your choice, design and create a custom lettering project that:

a) is unique
b) exhibits creativity
c) displays craftsmanship
d) is memorable

Possible techniques range from, but are not limited to:
hand drawn, cut or sculpted paper, clay, food, found objects, and/or computer generation.

It is required that you show application of your design: Examples
Utilize the camera and lighting equipment in the lab.

Resources and Inspiration:

The Annuals of the Type Directors Club (Located in the SFCC Library)

Friends of Type: Friendsoftype.com

Mary Kate McDevitt Design: marykatemcdevitt.com

Lettercult: www.lettercult.com

We Love Typography: welovetypography.com


Grading is based on industry standards:
Total points possible = 25

Appropriate font choice(s) = 5pts
Uniqueness = 5pts
Concept development / thinking = 5pts
Craftsmanship = 5pts
Usage of design elements = 5pts


Revised 1/5/2015


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