In-Class Exercise : Keystrokes & Copy Editing

You are a Graphic or Web Designer working for a local magazine.
Your Art Director has asked that you to...

a) Learn the keystrokes for common spaces and punctuation used regularly...

1. Create a new document using Adobe InDesign.

2. Locate a font that has a full range of special characters (or families).

3. Step by Step… using keystrokes… re-create the dashes, punctuation and other marks outlined on page 210.

4. Print out, save the file as a PDF to the server and hand in at the end of the class.

b) Learn how to use special symbols to mark changes to copy...

1. Download and print out the copy provided

2. Download the Copyediting and Proofing Symbols Chart

3. Using special symbols "mark up" the copy as in the book and read/look for other possible changes.

4. Hand into your instructor at the end of the class.



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