The question came up...

What is required for Tuesday, May 2 ?

1. Using the Portfolio Assessment Booklet... please READ the information and self assess for the Stationery Project.

2. Submit your self assessment / booklet at the beginning of the class to your instructor.

3. Submit your stationery design (envelope, cover letter template, resume, and business card)...

This should be printed out as close to the “Final product as possible”... in color and on the actual paper stock you will send to an employer.

Note: I understand that the business card (and/or envelope) may be on order.
Please include a color copy / example of the design.

The envelope can be reduced in size / mocked up.

4. Preflight and package all digital files for the stationery design.

5. Place and name the packaged document on the server as follows:
SFC-GRDSN223 / Temp / Lastname_Firstname / 1_Final_Stationery_Design / Lastname_Firstname_Stationery

6. Create PDFs of your...
Envelope, Cover Letter template, Resume, Business Card and Email Signature
(Name the file: Lastname_Firstname_Stationery.PDF)
Place the file on the server in your folder.

7. Using your email client... Send an email to: greg.stiles@sfcc.spokane.edu

Subject: Email Signature
Body Text: Hello... Here is an example of my email signature. (Include email signature)

8. Submit your final “Commencement Cover Design” in PDF format on the server as follows:
SFC-GRDSN223 / Temp / 1_Final_Commencement_Cover / Lastname_Firstname_Cover/Lastname_Firstname.pdf

9. As outlined on the stationery design project page...

You will need to reply to an actual job announcement and send your stationery through the US Postal Service postmarked by Friday, May 19, 2017

If you have the design dialed in... You could write the cover letter for the job description you
researched earlier in the quarter and send it via US postal service after class.
Note : Please research "How to write a cover letter."...

10. In regards to ONLINE PORTFOLIO PROJECT Step 2: Concepts Due for Online Portfolio...

A. Have your research on the server

B. Have thumbnails, wire frames, or print outs of template designs that you are leaning towards to develop and modify for your brand / online portfolio.

C. I will meet individually with students starting at 8:30am.




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