Homework Exercise #1 :

Personal Brand : wikipedia

Scenario: You are a graphic design or interior design student about to graduate and embark on a career. In order set yourself apart from others and be memorable, you will need to determine your "personal brand".

Your personal brand...

  • determines who you are
  • determines how you want to be known
  • meets the needs of a specific target audience

Creating a personal brand is not easy, it takes a lot of work. Your brand has to offer something different and something people want. At a minimum, you have to be interesting. Ideally, your brand will help people will remember and have a favorable impression of you.

1. Review the Personal Branding Infographic.

2. Read the "Introduction" and "Chapter One" of The Complete Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand"

3. Using Microsoft Word fill out the Personal Branding Questionaire.

4. Print and bring to the next class session.

Be prepared to state your personal brand and share your ideas.




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