Multi-media One

Course Overview...

Welcome to Mulit-media I. This is the first of three multi-media courses. This series of courses will develop career and communication skills employing multiple media. The preceding graphic design courses provide a strong background in the design process and technology for HTML/CSS, web page design, design for print, and drawing skills, and layout tools from the Adobe Suite.
Our Multi-Media will explore those media not previously emphasized; video, audio, and animation.

Time and Stories

We will create action over time. This may be with audio, video, animation, and interactive operations. Storytelling is one of the main goals for multi-media projects.

The Core Skill Sets

We will develop key skills in a spiral—each project adds more challenging skills onto our basic skills. We will gain experience with storytelling, capturing and editing video and audio, and finalizing content for DVD, web, or digital video.

Multi-media I will introduce each of these areas, using a project-based approach. Projects will follow a design and development process from project planning and analysis to evaluation and distribution. We will gain experience through real-world projects to help us understand roles and processes across a broad range of careers involving digital media. To simulate a professional work environment, we will gradually migrate our video work from an individual process to a group process, focused on personal and client work. The projects contain activities that require us to plan our communication and focus and then evaluate and improve communications. We will strive to develop concepts and principles for thorough, effective communication to multiple audiences.

The Level of Entry-Level

Each project guideline provides structure for the content and process; but we can allow flexibility to tailor the complexity and content to further your learning objectives.

Being the first in a series courses, emphasis will be on learning the process of production and planning, but not every detail of the most complex software. Imagine yourself working with limited resources; maybe as a designer for a small agency or in-house position. These folks often do not own all the professional equipment. Yet they still get multimedia projects. If you know how to plan your production to carefully stay within the capabilities and of the tools, you can produce excellent results with commonly available tools and software.

Being less complex, these basic tools also have easier learning curves. We can develop concepts and produce fully-formed projects more quickly.

If you have a strong desire to learn the bigger tools, perhaps you already have experience, please speak up. If you'd like to take any project to a higher level, that would be great, and we'll do what we can to blow the lid off.

Who are Multi-mediacs...what do they do?

The acclaimed Digital Kitchen spells out what they do in this job post, and it gives us an idea what a job in multi-media design might entail:

“Digital, for us, isn’t a technical term that designates media or medium. It’s the defining term for the era of engagement marketing.
We create innovative and mischievous communication strategies and assets designed for this era. We stimulate and navigate the machines and minds of 21st century consumers by speaking through the most effective portal, device, page, wall, animal, mineral, or vegetable available and relevant to a brand’s message.
We are award-winning creators and producers of branded content in multiple mediums. We are directors, designers, writers, new media strategists, musicians, animators, producers, illustrators and developers. The artists of DK have learned marketing and communication in the only school that counts: the rapidly shifting world of the last 10 years.”

new media strategists

Where will you fit in?

The list above has a lot of room your talents. You may find yourself specializing in one of these areas; or you may do an occassional project with multi-media.