Multi-Media in Your Future

A help-wanted ad:

Digital Kitchen spells out what they do in this job post, and it gives us an idea what a job in multi-media design might entail:

Digital, for us, isn’t a technical term that designates media or medium. It’s the defining term for the era of engagement marketing.
We create innovative and mischievous communication strategies and assets designed for this era. We stimulate and navigate the machines and minds of 21st century consumers by speaking through the most effective portal, device, page, wall, animal, mineral, or vegetable available and relevant to a brand’s message.
We are award-winning creators and producers of branded content in multiple mediums. We are directors, designers, writers, new media strategists, musicians, animators, producers, illustrators and developers. The artists of DK have learned marketing and communication in the only school that counts: the rapidly shifting world of the last 10 years.

Who are multi-mediacs?

Lest the list mentioned in the paragraph above went by too fast, let's review who contributes to the work of Digital Kitchen's brand of multi-media.

Do you see yourself in this list?

The exercise:

Let's discuss...

What are the functions you can image doing?

Will you work in a small studio and occassionally make an iMovie video for a client, and create animated web ads, and put animated slideshows into client web pages.

Maybe you'll become a video producer at a fast-paced local agency; planning, directing, shooting, and editing high-energy commercials and short videos.

Or, you will work as an in-house designer doing a little of everything, including videos for the marketing and human relations departments.

Possibly you will be a freelance producer and content strategist; working with a variety of clients to manage projects and subcontracting the production work.

Heck, you might team up with a high school chum and produce a popular series of YouTube videos on building model trains, and make a tidy income from the ad revenue.

Create a scenario for yourself

Write a short outline of the top 5 job functions you see in your magic crystal ball.

Describe the top 5 skills you will need to support you in these jobs. (These may be skills you would use daily, or foundations for doing the job; i.e. a web designer might need to understand the workflow of video production, but would not do that production.)

A plan for action

What do you need to learn in this quarter to prepare for the future? What do you want to create to incorporate into your resume and portfolio?