Winter startup brief


You need a plan, a proposal, a project brief, to get started with the quarter's activity.


What is my objective?

Who are the stakeholders for my project?

Who is my target audience?

What skills or projects am I adding to my portfolio?

What technology do I want to learn?

What resources will I use?

Is this a progression of small to large projects?

What is my timeline?

Will I take on multiple projects or goals for the quarter? How many?

I have a time budget for this quarter. (3 credits: 9 hours per week, total time, in and out of class.) What time will I allocate to tasks? For example:

How is the project delivered, hosted, displayed, or transmitted?

The exercise:

Write and submit your project brief.

You may use this shortened version of the Independent Learning Plan as a planning document.

It can be a Word or TextEdit document, named "LastName-brief". Drag it into the DropOff folder.

Base it off the questions in the left column. This brief will describe what you are going to do immediately. It may encompass the entire quarter, if you wish.

Create what you think will work. You may need to modify it. For example, as you learn more about the capabilities of the software, you might change to look and functions of your project.

The important task at hand is to set a course and begin working.