Check your files for spot varnish, foil stamp, emboss, or die cut

Things to check when creating these special print processes

The images for these operation will be created as spot color separations.

Varnishes, embosses, and dielines will overprint the printed inks.

A foil stamp may need to knock out inks under the foil for best adhesion to the paper. Check with the printer.

These effects will have their own spot colors named appropriately, and it is wise to give them an unusual and bright color to stand out as special elements when the file is previewed on a monitor. Place them on their own layer to allow the client and printer to easily evaluate the printed image, and toggle the effect on and off.

Create your PDF using a printing preset such as a PDF-X. Use the Acrobat output preview to make sure you have the correct spot color and the overprint has been done correctly.

overprint example featuring the bird is the word