Art Directing a Magazine Cover


You are an ads and page layout designer for Nameplate magazine. The senior designer is away; won a trip to watch whales in British Columbia, and you are going to design the next cover! Your first cover design, and your big chance to impress the publisher, Altoona Huffington.

Nameplate is a popular design magazine, sold around the Spokane area, featuring the interesting and influential students in the Spokane Falls Graphic Design program.

The editor wants the cover to feature one of the student designers, in a white-background, Rolling Stone-style.

The exciting articles in this issue will be "teased" strongly on the cover.


The exercise:


Do research on magazine covers. (Samples)

Notice that all magazines do not share the same economic model.

There are consumer magazines that sell the majority of copies in retail stores. They compete with a wide selection of other titles to catch the eye of shoppers. The covers on these magazines are a critcal sales tool.

There are other magazines serving professional and special interest groups. These are sold by subscription and the covers don't have to sell as aggressively.

You need to: