Publication format outline


You are a graphic designer and you are designing a new magazine.

You are developing your design format to establish the look, the personality. You will have to present every kind of content in the best way: feature articles, short news items, facts, infographics, etc.

This is a style sheet to show the production designers what the magazine will look like. It would look something like this:

magazine format examples


The exercise:


This chart from the classic Harrower book on news layout lists terms used in magazines, news websites, newsletters, and newspapers.

Quick research!

This PDF has some startup information, and a collection of magazine "mood board grabs" to help out.

Build sample InDesign document with samples of the following elements of your magazine.

  1. The grid, total number of grid columns, the options for arrangement (1, 2, 3 or more columns). You won't be able to save a visible grid in your PDF, but create it up in the columns settings.
  2. Fonts for the text, heads, subheads, etc.
  3. The Entry Points-how will you kick off articles to grab attention (Drop caps, all caps, bold, italics, sizing, etc.)
  4. How photos and captions will appear
  5. Your folio
  6. Your jumplines
  7. A pull quote example
  8. The spacial style-do you work with a flat space, or is it full of space (shadows, overlaps, trompe l'oeil).

Save this as a PDF

To lock in your fonts, make a PDFX1a of this document and store it in the Mag_Format folder in Disciplines.