Publication page elements


You are a graphic designer and you are designing publications. These may be news websites, newspapers, newsletters, or magazines.

You need to know the correct terms so the grizzled, hard-boiled editor doesn't steam up, cloud over, and rain all over you.

publication terms page


The exercise:


This chart from the classic Harrower book on news layout says it all. These terms are common to news websites, newsletters, newspapers, and magazines.

In web news sites, many of these terms will reappear along with the web terms for info containers.

Find newspapers, magazines, and web publications. Identify examples of these publication page elements.

Capture them as scans, photos, or screenshots. Place them into this InDesign document, name it with your name, and save it as a PDFX1a in the server folder.

  1. Teaser
  2. Flag
  3. Infographic
  4. Deck
  5. Display head
  6. Jump line
  7. Logo
  8. Cutline
  9. Reverse type
  10. Headline
  11. ReferMug shot
  12. Byline
  13. Initial cap
  14. Standing head
  15. Index
  16. Folio
  17. Jump line
  18. Liftout quote
  19. Subhead
  20. Gutter
  21. Bastard measure
  22. Standing headlinePhoto credit
  23. Text
  24. Sidebar
  25. Cutoff rule
  26. Cutout