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You are a graphic designer working for a graphic design studio. A local firm that operates small restaurants in our area is planning one more restaurant.

We are going to help them to develop a brand and visual identity. We will develop a logo, a printed menu, and website. We will begin with the branding.

Warming up

Read pages 240-264 in the Branding chapter of Robin Landa's Graphic Design Solutions.

Review the process of critical thinking.

Here are some suggested resources:

Design Process

We will use the workflow Robin Landa has listed on pg. 242.

Orientation, Analysis, Conceptualization, Design, Implementation


  1. Read the client’s creative brief survey.
  2. Gather research on restaurant, menu, and web site approaches.
  3. Prepare to discuss in class.
  4. The menu copy.


  1. In-class: analyze of the brand’s Construct and Positioning.
  2. Collect "mood" examples.
  3. In-class: Develop a visual brief collage board (pg. 253).


  1. After studying the Construct; do you keep the suggested name, or do you create a new one?
  2. Develop the new name, if needed.
  3. Edit the creative brief to reflect your positioning details.
  4. Submit the edited brief on or before the deadline date. Obtain Step 1 sign-off.


  1. Create thumbnail layouts for your logo. Obtain Step 2 sign-off.
  2. Choose 3 distinct concepts to develop into roughs.
  3. Choose the final design to finish. Obtain Step 3 sign-off.
  4. Obtain Technical Strategy, Step 4, sign-off.
  5. Submit final logo design on or before the deadline date. Obtain Step 5 sign-off.
  6. Do final revisions and obtain Step 6 sign-off.


  1. With the logo finalized, assemble an abbreviated standards guide. Show logo placement, colors, and fonts.
  2. Collect the final files package: AI files in RGB for web, and CMYK and spot color versions. Package your style guide and include a PDF-X4a file.
  3. Submit final files on or before the deadline date. Obtain Step 7 technology sign-off.

Design Technology


  1. Student examples
  2. Creative brief template

Exercises, discussions


  1. Mind maps
  2. Mood boards-how they are used...listen to this discussion from the Reflex Blue Show podcast. For the full context, here is the whole show. Paul Boag explains why he uses mood boards in this Smashing Magazine article. This article gives 24 practical tips; also, here is a short explanation.

    We will be using

  3. What is a persona? How about stereotypes? These episodes from the film People Like Us: Social Class in America are show some examples of "middle class".
  4. A general FYI-How to be a better designer-Nigel French nails it!


  1. Halftones
  2. Bit depth
  3. Web graphics formats, optimization; GIF, JPEG, and PNG
  4. Use paragraph and character styles (print) and CSS (web) to format text
  5. Bootstrap frameworks
  6. Online fonts
  7. Media queries
  8. Scanning line art
  9. Slicing in AI and PSD

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