ADDY Awards preparations


You are a graphic designer student and need to build your personal brand prior to graduation. The local Advertising Federation awards competition is an excellent opportunity.


Why should you participate?

  • You will become more comfortable with the local industry, and beyond
  • If you win awards, they look good in your portfolio and resume
  • This process will preparate you for:
    • PreFlight
    • Your grad show branding
    • Your portfolio

How to the ADDYs work?

  • There are a lot of categories. You will have better odds in the lesser populated ones.
  • Judges will be from outside this market. They will likely be creative directors or designers.
  • They have to review hundreds of entries over a weekend; they will have little time for each one.

Imagine how to best impress the judges

  • Go to the ADDY site and view past student winners.
  • Also review the professional winners; they are listed by categories
  • Typography - judges love innovative type Concepts that are clear and clever
  • Unique, unexpected, provocative concepts and visuals
  • Craftsmanship. Drawing, photography, typography, design principles
  • When appropriate, a very short design brief statement to explain how your work solved a problem

Sort your best work

  • Review everything you have; make laser prints of the candidates
  • Sort out your strongest work; identify strengths, identify what needs improvement
  • Prioritize the work
  • Decide how many entries you will submit

Get to work

  1. If available, read the Ad Fed entry rules (or read last year's)
  2. Review your collection with your instructors
  3. Prioritize your pieces
  4. Identify the category you are entering
  5. Review your choice and entry strategy with your instructors
  6. Begin your final revisions
  7. Submit the revisions to your instructors for approval
  8. Create the final entry materials
  9. Make arragngements to submit the entry; if possible attend the entry party

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