Preparing a photo for reproduction

Tailoring images to printer requirements


You are preparing an ad that will appear in the Inlander and in the Spokane and Coeur d'Alene Living magazine.

The studio you work for prefers to scale the working images for ads to 100% of the placed dimensions, and convert them to CMYK, before placing them into the layouts.

Note!!!...this is the old workflow. You may still find designers and printers who demand you prepare images this way.

You will need to scale the image to fit the ad, and convert the image to CMYK for the newsprint using at the Inlander; and later, CMYK for the glossy coated web paper used by the magazine.

You will only produce the final files for the Inlander at this time. Package the native files, and the package will be sent to the printers.

The exercise:

Open the ad built for the Inlander