Expressing Moods with Paper

Selecting and Specifying Paper Stocks


You are designing a fabulous booklet job for your favorite client. They want it to be a real showpiece.

The choice of paper will play a big role in the success of this piece, so you are going to choose the paper carefully.

You want to come up with three possible personalities, that is, three distintive styles or moods. The graphics, typography, and layout should all be reinforced by the choice of paper.

You will work only at the mood board level for this exercise.

We are using three borrowed mood boards posted by a smart young designer:

The Mohawk Paper Basics is a good overview of all-things-paper.

The exercise:

Getting in the "moods"

Specify the cover and text papers as you would for a printer, including the following:

You are not constructing visual mood boards, just the verbal details.


Turn in your mood/paper choices as a pdf, into the mood-paper choice folder.