A found-audio composition

A short exercise with natural sound


Capture natural sounds using your phone or other handy recording device.

You will experiment with your sounds and an audio editor to create a one-to-two minute composition.

This is the sort of piece that could be used as a sound track for a later project.

An example:

The exercise:

Sound capture

Listen to the example file. The process was: An iPhone 4s was used to record audio. A free audio app from Tascam was used, but the voice memo recorder would work fine. A piece of old pipe was used to clatter about on some scrap metal. The clips were loaded into about eight channels of Audition and the good parts were picked out and pasted in, farther down the timeline in a clear area. Lots of effects were used; pitch shifts, flangers, chorus, reverb, echo...all that stuff. Lots of copies of clips were layered and the volumes adjusted to taste.

What the edits looked like in Audition

The 1:13 of audio was selected and exported as the mp3 on this page.

An effort was made to avoid the temptation to create "music" by making sounds that did not come deliberate drumming.

Your approach may vary, but try to use sounds for their own texture and not as a stand-in for musical notes. It should be more interesting that way.

Save your final file in the AVA Classes/Dropoff/Audio_Composition folder.

Maximize your fun!