Objects that “Comment”

A camera-tracked video with text comments

We will all contribute a video that could be camera tracked, as a source for attaching text.

We want a video showing movement through a scene. We will track the camera and add text comments, preferably animated hand-drawn text. Regular text is OK if it works with the style.

We will pool all our videos and you can use anyone's clip. You might have a well-defined concept that works with the clip you shot; or you might find another clip that intrigues you. This is sort of a video version of "found object art".

For example, on a clip panning across vegetables in a store, the carrots could pop up thought bubbles and talk with the celery.

Or, two used cars might tell you about their features.

Or, stroll down a path in the garden might trigger plant names to pop up.




  1. Find a promising scenario and block out the motion you wish to capture.
  2. Shoot the video; abut 20-30 seconds is good. You may need several takes to get it smooth. You might shoot a wide, a medium, and a close up version of the scene to give more options in the final editing.
  3. Save the video into our class folder for everyone to share.
  4. Review the video assets and devise your story.
  5. Track the camera, add the text and camera to the scene; or add null objects to hold text animation clips.
  6. Save your final edit into the Dropoff folder.