Creating a live-action stop-motion animation

Using a series of still images to animate objects


You have a concept for an animation of real objects. There is a story to tell that can be told by objects moving about.

This can produce a humorous effect. It can make a point without introducing the emotional reaction the view might have to an actor. An animated object is always interesting.


The exercise:

Develop a story that can be told by a moving object or objects.

This can have a definite message like a sales pitch; maybe a dozen eggs do a dance to celebrate the omelets at Denny's. It might just be an entertaining animation of an idea, theme, or physical event.

Thumbnail the idea to get a plan for the unfolding action. Plan how you will manipulate the objects. Get a good tripod and arrange your set. (Keep everything solid. At Aardman studios they bolt and glue the sets to the floor. It is easy to trip over the tripod after shooting 500 frames and ruin the shoot.)

Edit the frames into a video. Add a sound track if needed, and save a final video.

This tutorial shows how to build a sequence of images with After Effects.