Internship / Portfolio Presentation


You are a current student of the SFCC Graphic Design program. An internship position has recently been posted on a job board. The employer has asked to see your resume and current work. Along with your PDF resume, you will need to send an optimized PDF portfolio of your work via email.

You will need to... 

a) Collect and organize all past projects and exercises.

b) Print out your work in black & white (sized to fit 11"x17" or 8.5"x11") and hand into your process instructor for review.

c) With your process instructor, determine your top 5 design projects to include.

d) With your technology instructor, develop the final PDF portfolio presentation using the appropriate software or template.

e) Submit your final PDF portfolio to your technology instructor.



Create a PDF Portfolio or Magazine with InDesign and share it online.

Portfolio Examples : Steffany Diaz | Mokka


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