Design Projects III

Logo Art

Create final logo art from the client-supplied copy.

Scenario: When digital files are not available, designers must re-create images from hard copies. A logo has been scanned from a printed document and saved as a tiff image to be used as an Illustrator tracing template.

Step 1: Create a folder and title it with your last name.

Step 2: Download the logo tiff file.

Step 3: Create a new Illustrator document and save it to your folder. Title it "logo_" with your last name (example: logo_smith).

Step 4: Place the tif file in the document as a template image.

Step 5: Trace the image so that it:

  • is accurate to the original
  • contains a minimum number of control points
  • contains no stroke and a black fill.

Step 6: Put your name at the top of the page and print a laser proof.

Step 7. Check the laser proof for accuracy, circle any areas needing to be edited, and make necessary corrections to the file. Continue this step until the image is perfect.

Step 8. When the image is perfect, submit the proof to your instructor for approval.