Outlining type and refining shapes


You are doing a quick type treatment to be printed on a T-shirt. Use Illustrator for this.

You will give the name of your choosing a double outline. This might be a business name, an event, or any interesting words.

Use the Appearance panel to create the outlines. Use the Expand command and the Pathfinder to reduce the outlines and type into simple shapes.

You will build a 1-pt trap into the appropriate shapes. Screen printers will want to print the lightest colors first, and give them the trapping spread.

The exercise:

Decide on your words. The demonstrations made use of the Envelope Distort to give the type a dynamic curve; so try out the distort options.

Pick a set of spot colors.

Refer to the online tutorials and complete the process.

Include the following operations:

Store your completed AI file into the Type-outlined_and_trapped-5.2 folder in Dropoff.