GRDSN 175 Adobe After Effects

Project 4

Welcome to the After Effects course

You will be working through the lessons in Abobe's Classroom in a Book for After Effects. The 14 lessons are grouped into 5 project groups to simplify file management. You will submit a project file for each lesson and complete a quiz using the Canvas Learning System.

The resource files for the lessons are provided on a DVD disk attached to the book's back cover. If you are working in the CBE labs you can find these files stored on the AVA Disiplines>GRDSN>Self-paced_resources folder. Every Macintosh in the lab has a link to AVA Disciplines on the Desktop.


For lessons 1 through 14, follow the instructions in the Adobe Classroom in a Book for After Effects, CC.

Do the exercises in each lesson. As you save your work include your name in the file name. You will be turning in the exercises and taking a quiz in Canvas for each lesson.

How to turn in your lessons

The After Effects files contain very large video files that are too large to send through the Angel system, as we do with the other self-paced courses. You will turn in your files to the Dropoff folder in the GRDSN 175 folder in the AVA Classes server.

Important! Turn in your final project movie.

We need the final movies; your After Effects project file (.aep) will not display.

Please be sure you include your name in the file and folder names so we can identify your work. If you are working from off-campus and cannot visit the lab to turn in your work, contact your instructor and make other arrangements.

Save your work in a safe location as you work through this course; the campus network, DVD disks, or cloud storage are secure. Thumb drives and home computer hard drives seem to fail all too often, so keep backups.

If space is an issue, you can delete the Sample Movies and End_Project_Files for each lesson; be sure you retain the Assets folders or the projects will not display.

Take the quizzes

Go to the Assignments section in Canvas and take the project quiz. You are allowed to retake the quizzes only twice. You might review and print the quiz before starting the project and locate the answers as you work.

Objectives for Lesson 10:

  • Use the Levels effect to correct the color in a shot
  • Replace the sky with a different image
  • Use the Auto Levels effect to introduce a color shift
  • Correct a range of colors using Synthetic Aperture Color Finesse 3
  • Apply the Photo Filter effect to warm portions of an image
  • Remove unwanted elements with the Clone Stamp tool.

Objectives for Lesson 11:

  • Create a 3D shape from a solid layer
  • Create 3D text with expressions
  • Look at a 3D scene from multiple views
  • Create a guide layer to aid in object placement
  • Control the way a layer animates by moving its anchor point
  • Rotate and position layers along x, y, and z axes

Objectives for Lesson 12;

  • Animate 3D objects
  • Add reflections to 3D objects
  • Use an adjustment layer to blur multiple layers
  • Animate a camera layer
  • Create and position light layers
  • Add a Linear Wipe effect to reveal objects in the composition

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