Project 8

In this project I will learn to:

  • Use Live Trace to create complex vector artwork from a photograph.
  • Use Live Color to make universal and individual changes to the colors in a group.
  • Slice a page into pieces and define settings for individual slices.
  • Save images and pages in appropriate formats for display on the Web.


Read and work through the project in the Against the Clock book. You will use the sample files provided by Against the Clock.

The Source Files

The project and font files are also stored on the server in the graphics labs, AVA-Disciplines/GRDSN/Against_the_Clock. If you work outside the lab, files can be downloaded by following the instructions on the inside back cover of the book.

You may find it convenient to copy the files onto your personal storage area.

The Exercises

Build your Illustrator web page and the web site and HTML files.

What to turn in

The consulting web page

You will be turning in the Illustrator working file and the entire web site.

  • Your entire Site folder.
  • The dh file

Create a compressed .zip archive of your folder. In Finder, select File>Compress“filename”. The .zip file will appear in the same folder (or Desktop) as the original file or folder. The zip files are a very safe way to move collections of files over the internet, and they usually reduce the file size.

Rename your .zip file to 164-8-My

Attach this .zip archive to your Canvas turn-in area for this project.

Take the quiz

Go to the Assignments section in Canvas and take the project quiz. You are allowed to retake the quizzes only twice. You might review and print the quiz before starting the project and locate the answers as you work.


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