Activating fonts on the Macintosh Computers


There are many fonts available on each Macintosh in the labs that are not active, or installed. You want to use some of them.

The Windows machines in the labs are restricted to the current visible fonts and they cannot be modified.

Course of action:

Start by opening the Applications folder

the applications menu

Choose LinoType Font Explorer X

Linotype font explorer in list

Respond to the plugin warning; choose yes if you would like fonts in your documents to open automatically; “Close” works also.

The plug-in warning

Choose the fonts you wish to activate. In this example we are choosing the entire set of DIGIM fonts, used by the software classes. Check the box to the left of the set name (or font name for single selections).

choosing fonts in the linotype list

You may see this warning that some of the choices are active. Select the “skip and don't activate” option and the “Use this setting for all remaining fonts” option.

asks you to choose to skip or preplace fonts

Click on the activate button.

asking you to activate the chosen fonts

Your fonts should be active. Some applications make not show the new fonts until they are restarted. Close or minimize the Font Explorer.