Project 3

In this project I will learn to:

  • Develop custom logo artwork based on an object in a photograph.
  • Use a gradient mesh to create realistic color blends.
  • Convert type to outlines and manipulate letter shapes to create a finished logotype.
  • Using layers to easily manage complex artwork.
  • Create multiple artboards to contain specific projects and layouts.
  • Build various logo versions to meet specific output requirements.
  • Saving EPS files for maximum flexibility.
  • Print desktop proofs of individual artboards.


Read and work through the project in the Against the Clock book. You will use the sample files provided by Against the Clock.

Errors in the book

On page 157, step 3, the instruction mentions the apple front; this should be the lemon front.

The project files are stored on the AVA Disciplines server in the Against_the_Clock_CC2014-student_files folder.

Against the Clock provides the files to those who purchase the books on their website. If you work outside the lab, files can be downloaded by following the instructions on the inside back cover of the book. If you are checking out books from the Library the online code may not work, so be sure to save files from our lab server.

You may find it convenient to copy the files onto your personal storage area.

The Exercises

Build your stationery files as directed in the book. Customize the letterhead and envelope by giving it a local address.

For the Print Desktop Proofs printing exercise, don not print paper proofs. Instead, save your file as an Adobe PDF (pdf) file using the High Quality Print settings. Make sure you include the marks and bleed in the PDF setup windows.

What to turn in


  • Edit your stationery files, with the local addresses.
  • Your PDFs of the letterhead and envelope, including marks and bleed.

Rename your pdf file to 156-3-My name.pdf.

Attach this file to your Canvas turn-in area for this project.

Take the quiz

Go to the Assignments section in Canvas and take the project quiz. You are allowed to take the quizzes only twice. You might review and print the quiz before starting the project and locate the answers as you work.


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