Adobe InDesign II, GRDSN 168

Project 7

In this project I will learn to:

  • Use placeholder objects to design an initial layout concept.
  • Adjust a layout concept to suit content provided by a client.
  • Create an XML file using tagged frames and content.
  • Build a layout from imported XML content.
  • Control the structure of a layout to merge XML content into tagged frames.
  • Define hyperlinks to link layout elements to an external Web page.
  • Create interactive buttons with multiple states.
  • Export PDF files without interactive elements for print distribution.
  • Export PDF files with interactive elements for digital distribution.


Read and work through the project in the Against the Clock book. You will use the sample files provided by Against the Clock.

The project files are stored in the Canvas Files area and also on the AVA Disciplines server in the Against_the_Clock_CC2015-student_files folder.

Against the Clock provides the files to those who purchase the books on their website. If you work outside the lab, files can be downloaded by following the instructions on the inside back cover of the book. If you are checking out books from the Library the online code may not work, so be sure to save files from our lab server.

You may find it convenient to copy the files onto your personal storage area.

The Exercises

Complete the exercises for the National Parks Info Pieces. Rename the park with your own name, on page 453, step 2.

Stop at page 491!

We don't have the software to do the digital publishing portion of the project.

What to turn in.

The park flyer

After putting your name onto the park label, create and turn in:

  • Flyer, interactive PDF
  • Flyer for print PDF
  • Rack card PDF
  • Postcard PDF

Rename your PDF files to 168-7-(a, b, c, and d)-My

Attach these PDFs to your Canvas turn-in area for this project.

Take the quiz

Go to Canvas’s Lessons section and take the quiz. You are allowed to retake the quizzes until you achieve a 100% score. You should use the Save and Continue Later option to store your answers, in case you need to retake the quiz.




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