Adobe Photoshop II, GRDSN 166

Project 8

In this project I will learn to:

  • Use actions and batches to automate repetitive processes and improve productivity.
  • Add depth and visual interest with 3D extrusion and puppet warping.
  • Generate image assets from Photoshop layers and lyer groups, for use by an HTML developer.
  • Communicate design intent using cascading style sheets.


Read and work through the project in the Against the Clock book. You will use the sample files provided by Against the Clock.

The project files are stored in the Canvas Files area, and also on the server in the graphics labs, AVA-Disciplines/GRDSN/Against_the_Clock. Against the Clock provides the files on their website. If you work outside the lab, files can be downloaded by following the instructions on the inside back cover of the book. If you are checking out books from the Library the online code may not work, so be sure to save files from our lab server.

You may find it convenient to copy the files onto your personal storage area.

The Exercises

Complete the exercises for the Metro Web Site project. Turn in your type-styles.css and metro-site.psd files.

metro web page

What to turn in.

Create a compressed .zip archive of your entire folder. The zip files are a very safe way to move collections of files over the internet, and they usually reduce the file size.

To check your work before submitting it, you can copy your zip archive for this project into a new folder and unzip it to make sure the web page will work in a browser.

Use the Macintosh Finder’s File>Compress “filename”, or Windows’ “New>Compressed (zipped) Folder” tools to create a .zip archive of the folder. Remember to save a copy of your work folder onto your personal storage device.

Rename your .zip file to 166-8-My

Attach this .zip archive to your Canvas turn-in area for this project.

Take the quiz

Go to the Assignments section in Canvas and take the project quiz. You are allowed to take the quizzes only twice. You might review and print the quiz before starting the project and locate the answers as you work.




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