Ad Campaign

This exercise contains specific objectives that will help you create a ad campaign that communicates a specific message and has a benefit to the consumer.

In your own words, who is the target audience?


Ask others about the product or service. What do other people think of your product?


What are the advantages of the product or service?

In your own words, list the benefit(s) of your product or service to the consumer?


Write 3 different claims or taglines for your product...


What do you think your ad should be designed to do? a) move the consumer to buy something? b) call someone to take action? c) inform them of something? d) provoke them? or e) motivate them in some way?

In your own words, what is the message you are trying to communicate?

In your own words state ways in which you might... a) inform, b) persuade, c) provoke or d) motivate the consumer.

Circle the type of ad will you be creating: consumer ad, trade ad or public service ad.