Creativity use of Photography


Scenario: You are currently working on developing creative solutions for your Ad Campaign project. Your art director has asked that you create advertisements using a visual analogy or metaphor.

Visual Analogy:
A visual analogy is a comparison based on likeness or similarities.
(Usually, you see two things in one image.)

Visual Metaphor: A visual metaphor uses a visual that ordinarily identifies one thing to identify another.

Visual Analogy Examples:


Motorcycle parts are used to create an american flag (Jenelle Bafus, Student Project)


Pretzels used to designate a spinal cord (Ad promoting a Chiropractor)


Pleated lampshade compared to a skirt (Product ad for Lamp)

A mind to a beautiful machine (Ad promoting a College Fund)

Badbreath to an ashtray, fish or toilet breath (Ad promoting a mouth freshner)




The dash of a car is compared to a smile. (Michael Culton, Student Project)



Visual Metaphor Examples: (This stands for that.)
A photo of a Shar-Pei dog... stands for or designates... a wrinkled human face.
A photo of a pair of soft shoes... stands for or designates... two prescription pills.


Nurse shoes are used to designate painkillers (Ad for Shoes)



A road stands for a tattoo remover or cheese grater. (Ad promoting protective gear)


The grill is compared to a woman's smile or lips. (Student Project, Klay Arsenault)


Paper products compared to a loved one or baby. (Student Project, Karli Fairbanks)