1st Quarter: Scanning Line Art Exercise

After reading "Dreaming in Black and White" you will be able to scan and create line art.

Create a Holiday Card




1. Using a Sharpie Fine Point Marker... hand draw a favorite quote or create an illustration of your choice.

2. Using a scanner, scan the image with the following settings:

a. 8 bit grayscale
b. 1200 dpi

3. Open the file in Photoshop

4. Run the Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask filter

5. Run the Image>Adjustments>Threshold command

6. Run the Image>Mode>Bitmap command

Set the output to 1200ppi and toggle on the method dialog box, set to:
50% threshold level.

7. Save as a .tiff or .psd file

8. Create an 8.5"x11" Adobe Illustrator Document with two artboards (one for the front of the card, the other for the inside)

9. Use a guide line to indicate the "fold".

10. Place your file in an Illustrator document and affect the line art using two pantone colors.

11. Save your .ai and image file for review in your technology folder (name the folder: Exercise 14)