Tracing a Template Image


Scenario:: A client has supplied a copy of a logo which will not reproduce well. You are a production designer who's task is to retrace the logo and submit it to the production manager.



  1. Create a new Illustrator file.
  2. Place the logo image as a template (see illustration below).
  3. Make an accurate tracing of the template image.
  4. Evaluate the tracing quality on a b/w laser proof.
  5. Circle things on the proof which need to be fixed.
  6. Fix the tracing.
  7. Submit a new proof to the production manager for approval
  8. On approval, remove the template layer and submit an eps file to the requested folder on the servrer.

Making a tracing template in Illustrator

Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new file ( File > New).

Place the image to be traced (File > Place).

  • To place a file as a template, you must check the template checkbox in the Place dialogue box.

Check the layers window (Windows >Show Layers) to see that:

  • A locked template layer has been created containing the placed image.
  • A drawing layer has been created and activated.