The Short Story

I'm 22, married, originally from the Seattle area, work as a waitress, goal - to be employed as a designer.

The Long(ish) Story

I've always been interested in design and art, and since high school have wanted to become a graphic designer. Getting my hands into something and being creative is just what I love to do. I grew up with parents that encouraged be creative and experiment, even if that meant the recipe did not taste quite right or if you had to ripe the stitches out and sow it all over again. Right now I'm still learning my strengths and weaknesses, but I'm so excited (and sacred I'll never catch up) about all there is to learn in and around this field.

You've probably have read enough so to know more visit my blog and feel free to contact me with whatever questions you have.

If you need to know things like can I use CS4, and if I can write some html and css or do I have a degree (which is all yes!) look over my resumé.

Illustration of myself

This is an illustration I did of myself, no picture of me, I don't photograph well! I would love to be quietly drifting on a boat somewhere in Alaska with my sweet Golden Retriever. Oh and I can't decide if I want bangs or not... I think they look better when I draw them.


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