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GRDSN 122: Design Technology III
Course Syllabus

Betsy Ward, Instructor

Phone: 509-533-3715
Office: Applied Visual Arts- Bldg. 19, Rm. 218A
Mailing Address: MS 3190
3410 W Fort George Wright Dr.
Spokane, WA 99224-5288
Web Site: http://graphicdesign.spokanefalls.edu/BWard/Default.htm
Email: betsyw@spokanefalls.edu


GRDSN 111, 112, 113, 114 or permission of instructor

Concurrent Enrollment:

GRDSN 121, 123 and 124 or permission of instructor

Course Description:

This course is a survey of design technology as it applies to the production of design work in print, web and multimedia. Emphasis is on file construction, file formats and software used in 2-D, 3-D and animated graphics. Students are introduced to the Postscript imaging process and HTML as well as web and multimedia authoring software. Students learn software skills necessary to complete projects in GRDSN 123.

Required Textbooks:

Core Book Listing

Activities include but are not limited to:

  • Activities include lectures, demonstrations, self-paced tutorial work, and studio exercises. This course supports the third quarter projects.

  • 3D logo Exercise

At the completion of this course, students will:

  • Produce a designated list of completed competencies that are included with each project.


If you have completed the criteria and competency listing on any given project you will receive a 3.0. If you do not meet these industry standards you will receive an ā€œIā€ for incomplete. Any incomplete projects need to be completed within 5 lab days after the final due date to receive a passing grade. To move toward a 4.0 you must exceed expectations in either work ethic, artistic ability, production skills, writing skills, computer skills, people skills or idea development. If the rough deadline is missed for the Process or Projects courses, grades for the project go down one full grade. If a comprehensive design deadline is missed for the Process or Projects courses, grades for the project go down one full grade. If a final project deadline is missed for the Projects course, grade for the project goes down one full grade. Projects completed after the 5 lab days will receive a 0.0 and will be averaged into the overall grade for the course. All projects need to be completed otherwise student receives a 0.0 for the course. At least one project must meet the deadlines or student receives a 0.0 for the course. If an instructor is absent, sign-off can be obtained from another instructor.

Attendance is crucial to your progress and will be taken at the begin ning of every class. The attendance policy is as follows: Projects Course: More than 2 absences = 0.0 grade point
Process Course: More than 4 absences = 0.0 grade
Technology Course: More than 4 absences = 0.0 grade point

Lab Course: 44 hours must be logged

If you are absent you must make up the work by: a) collecting the class notes, b) doing any missed work and c) coordinating with your instructor. All exercises must be completed by the end of the quarter. Two late attendances or two early departures equal one absence. Working on projects for another class during class time will result in an absence.

Be prepared: Bring your files, sketches, ideas, research, and textbooks to class. You need to create a binder that contains your class handouts, competency listings and sign off sheets. This should be with you at all times. It is recommended that you make multiple backups> of your work. Servers and hard disks fail.

Note: All courses are in sequence. If you receive a failing grade in any course, you may have to come back the following year to complete the SFCC Graphic Design or Web Degree.
Revised 9/19/07

Cell phones must be turned off in class.


Email is required for this course. If you do not have an email account at home, you can sign up for free email using:


You may access your email using the lab, however please do not use the lab for "chat" or general web surfing. Email is checked by the faculty Monday thru Friday. Please allow 24 hours for your instructor to reply to your email.

Note: This course syllabus is only for the quarter listed above and appropriate changes may be made by the faculty. Also, future syllabi for this course may be different.