Digital Still Camera
User Qualification Test


Refer to the camera manuals to learn the basic tasks below and, later, to learn the more advanced capabilities of the camera. The Canon manual is on the lab server or the internet; the Olympus manual is on the lab server or the internet.

General Care Tips:

  1. Don't drop the camera
  2. Protect it from dust, heat and vibration
  3. Wash your hands before using the camera
  4. Don't touch or scratch the lens. Do not attempt to clean the lens unless you know how to use the proper lens cleaning tissue and fluid.


Canon G2


Olympus D490Z
Tasks you must master before using the camera:
Turn the camera on and off.
Use the optical viewfinder, and the diopter lever to adjust to your eyesight.
Turn the electronic view screen on and off.
View the controls menu and navigate and select choices.
Set the resolution/size and quality of the images.
Use the shutter button to auto focus and take a picture.
Turn the flash on and off.
Use the zoom control.
Remove the media storage card from the camera and insert it into the card reader.
Open the media card folders and copy the images from the card to the computer.
Eject the media card from the computer.
View the stored images and delete a selected image.
Delete all the images from the camera when you are through.