Making a PDF for Screen View


Scenario: Your client wishes to view a PDF version of your finished design. This proof will be viewed on-screen only. Therefore, your PDF needs to be as small as possible for quick download or e-mail.

Use the Acrobat Distiller settings below to make a small-size, screen PDF.

1. Create a PS (PostScript) file.

Print your file to disk as a .ps file. Be sure that you have chosen to download all of your fonts into the file.

2. Open Acrobat Distiller and set the job options.

With Distiller open, choose Distiller>Job Options. Use the following compression, and font settings:


Under the Compression tab, downsample color and grayscale images to 72 dpi, and choose medium JPEG compression. Also, check Compress Text and Line Art.


Under the Fonts tab, embed all fonts, check Subset, and enter "100" in the percent box. Click "OK" to close the window.

2. In Distiller, choose File>Open, and select your PS file to make the PDF.




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