Design Technology 1 

Design Lab Printer Basics

There are several printers available to students in the graphic design lab, each having an icon on the desktop.

Default Printer Selection

The printer icon with the bold outline is the default selection. This means that any file printed from the computer will be sent to this printer. To change the default selection, see below.


This prints to the Epson Stylus color printer on 11x17-inch paper.

Matte finish $3.00 per print     Gloss finish $5:00 per print

Requires a printer punch card.

NOTE: Paper for this printer must be HANDFED by the staff at the counter. Prints must be paid for BEFORE the file is sent to the printer.

This prints to the Tektronix Phaser 550 color printer on 8-1/2x11-inch paper.

$1.50 per print   Requires a printer punch card.

This prints to the HP laserjet 4050 b/w printer on 8-1/2x11-inch paper.

No charge for prints

This prints to the HP laserjet 4MV b/w printer on 8-1/2x11-inch paper or 11x17-inch paper.

No charge for prints


Changing the Default Printer

To change the default printer selection:

  1. Select the desired printer icon by clicking on it once.
  2. Go to the Printing menu in the menu bar and select "Set Default printer" (or hit the "command" and "L" keys together).
Any file printed from this computer will now be sent to the newly selected default printer.


Printer Dialogue Box

After you have sent a file to the printer, you can check its print status by double-clicking on the desktop printer icon. This will bring up the dialogue box below:

This dialogue indicates that the file ( is processing.

The Print Queue

If the printer is receiving files from more than one computer, it will process one file at a time, putting the rest on a kind of waiting list, called a queue. If your file doesn't print immediately, open the desktop printer dialogue box to check the printing status. It will indicate if the printer is currently processing a file from another user.

There may be other files in the queue before yours, so prepare to be patient.

This dialogue indicates that the printer is currently processing a file from another computer (computer G1 located in room 212 in building 19).

Print Cards 
Punch cards for graphic design lab prints can be purchased at the cashier's windows in the SUB (bldg. 17).

The cost is $15.00 ea. 

The cost of prints is punched off the card at a rate of 50 cents per punch (for a $3.00 print, for example, the card would be punched six times).


Picking Up Your Prints

All prints are picked up at the lab counter. Have your print card ready to be punched for pay prints

Student Responsibilities for Prints. 

Students are responsible for picking up all prints and paying for all pay prints.

For example:

  1. Student wanting a free b/w print accidentally sends a file to the $150 color printer:

  2. Student picks up the print and pays $1.50.

    But what if the file is b/w and has no color in it?
    Student picks up the print and pays $1.50.

  3. Student doesn't get a print immediately, so sends the file to the printer five more times.

  4. Student picks up all six prints and pays any charges.


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